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this is good work.

i'm glad to see that your passionate about the events that took place at coulmbine but i think it is best not to dramatize them like you did. what happened was very serious and when you document it you need watch how you portray the event. it looked like you worked hard on it and the animation of the school was very accurate, i just think that it was a little out of context.

good job with the animation.

i think you really have some potential. but you should chanel it towards less annoying plots. i don't think it's really necessary to tell people that their parents don't hate them. despite the amount of depression involved in your flash i thought that it was pretty good. Make some more!

Myfrustration responds:

Thanks alot dude! I just wanted to make something everyone could relate too. :p

Very good

Bush sux!!!!

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gotta use what youve got!

i thought it was pretty funny how you used the start of an offspring song for jesus' voice. nice job!!!

it needs some work

the music isn't very good but i guess it fits with the whole dancing robot thing. you should make a harder one with some cool sound fx


ive had more fun staring at a wall when im drunk

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really good trance!

this peice has a great beat and those intense synth sounds are really good. it's almost flawless except for the end where things kind of lag behind. I like it Make some more music!!

Pandora-Tranquil responds:

no worries i will, thanks for ur review

get the full version

your off to a good start you just need to get the software and the experience. keep it up

this is great

i cant get enough of that pwoerful beat

DjSpada responds:

Hey dubster2! Glad you like that powerful beat, so do i! :D Anyway! thx for your review!


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